Stop Coddling Warren Buffet’s Balls

On Sunday, August 14th, the New York Times published an Op Ed piece from billionaire Warren Buffet called “Stop Coddling the Super-Rich.” In the subsequent days, the article has blown up on Twitter, and anyone who feels like they know anything has posted it on their Facebook wall. The gist of the piece is that the economy blows, the job market sucks, and one way to help the real American people on Main St. (not Wall Street!) is to tax the shit out of really rich dudes. What a noble idea Mr. Buffet.

What’s funny about the whole thing is two-fold: how people are reacting and why Buffet even wrote the piece in the first place.

I love that people are grasping onto this article so proudly. Like really, how are you supposed to react when a captain of industry humbly offers to be taxed more on his fortune? Why wouldn’t the middle class love this idea? Buffet is just stating the obvious and if people think this is a revolutionary idea, well then we have biggest problems than the economy. Championing Buffet on this issue is like voting for Obama to prove you’re not racist. Thanks Warren, your idea has been noted, and we’ll all move along with even smugger grins on our faces.

So why even write the piece? We all know the economy is fucked because the Right and Left can’t decide whose dicks are bigger. One man won’t solve our debt. Buffet’s piece is like shooting fish in a barrel; straight pandering to Americans who want to hear his message the most. It feels like we’re living in South Park where everyone just screams, “They took our jarrrbs!”

Buffet’s article is a PR move. He looks good for throwing the idea out there, the public stops hating him for being so rich for a second, and the Government laughs it off because they would never act on it since guys like Buffet are the reason they’re in office in the first place.

Warren’s intentions could have been sincere, but seriously, what is a NYT Op Ed piece really going to solve? It may be something for frustrated citizens to rally around, but know that nothing’s going to change unless to do it for yourself on a personal level.



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