Album Covers

Album art is an essential piece of any musical release. The visual representation of what a listener is hearing can make just as big an impact as the music itself. Some say digital releases are killing the experience of album art. I disagree. Below you will find a collection of album art that I have put together over the years for various projects I’ve been involved in.

“Just Win Baby” – Parallel Bars (2012)

Just Win BabyRaiders tribute concept. Photoshop.





“The Sign” – Parallel Bars (2012)

The SignOriginal photography, band word mark.





“Sunday Morning” – Parallel Bars (2012)

Sunday MorningOriginal vintage photography, band word mark.






“Friend Zone” (Single) – Parallel Bars (2011)

Friend ZoneOriginal photography, font selection, band word mark.





“First to Leave” (Single) – Parallel Bars (2011)

First to LeaveOriginal photography, Photoshop editing, font selections, band work mark.





Grow Up and Get Over It – Parallel Bars (2011)

Grow UpOriginal Photography, font selection.





Fictional Songs About Imaginary Girls (Remastered) – Parallel Bars (2011)

FictionalOriginal photography, Photoshop editing.





“Lonely Hearts in the Snow” Remix – Proper Animals (2010/11)

Lonely HeartsOriginal concept, designed in Photoshop.





Fictional Songs About Imaginary Girls (Demos) – Parallel Bars (2010)

Fictional SongsOriginal photography, Photoshop editing.





For Those Who Still Care – Lunatic Dreyfus (2005)

FTWSCOriginal 35mm B&W photography, font selection.






E – Lunatic Dreyfus (2003)

EOriginal concept, designed in Photoshop.


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