fun. – Some Nights

some nights

So this is what pop music should sound like.

Some Nights is really something. fun. have managed to put together eleven tracks that span genres, drawing on diverse styles and delivering on all the hype. The record is grand and ambitious yet tight and focused. Vocalist Nate Ruess is the star, but the reason the songs come to life is because of the fabulous production of Jeff Bhasker and Emile Haynie. There’s no denying the hip-hop influence on Some Nights. From the samples, to the beats to the vocoder–this record is essentially the indie-pop My Dark Twisted Fantasy (another album Bhasker coincidentally worked on). Call it Queen meets Kanye.

Songs like “All Alone” and “One Foot” have a swagger that just wasn’t there on Aim & Ignite. “It Gets Better” feels disjointed and overly hectic in the best ways. “We Are Young” is already a certified hit with its huge chorus and us-against-the-world message that Glee already cannibalized. The best song on the album though, is clearly the title track. “Some Nights” has amazing harmonies, an undeniable driving beat and lyrics that stand as the mission statement for the album.

“Man, you wouldn’t believe the most amazing things can come from some terrible nights.”

Initially, it was disappointing to hear the new sound of fun. Aim & Ignite is an amazing record filled with bright pop, quirky tunes and unique instrumentation. It would have been easy for the band to make that same record over again, but what’s the fun or challenge in that? Some Nights is a step forward and it makes perfect sense. They are building on what they started and shooting for the stars. Some Nights is a rare record that can achieve universal appeal. There’s something for every music fan to appreciate. And that’s the best part. It’s good music. Written by people. Played with soul. Made for fans who, on some nights, still enjoy a good time.

Bonus: There’s a great track by track album commentary on Spotify that’s a must-listen for any fan.


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