Fame is Dead. Save Yourself Instead.

Neon Trees put on a killer show last night in Boston at the Paradise. It was intense, passionate and pure fun. Until you see Tyler Glenn perform live, you just don’t know how awesome his voice is. He is the real fucking deal. Simply the best rock vocalist in the game right now. Glenn leaves it all on the stage and sent me into an envious stupor.

The band was super tight and played a balanced set from their two albums. Peep the setlist over on Spotify. The new material sounded great and the fans got what they wanted in the old hits. Elaine was a beast behind the kit and added great texture with her harmonies. Highlights included a heavier “Love and Affection,” a solo acoustic performance of “Your Surrender” by Glenn, and an encore of “I Am the D.J.” and “1983.”

I may have been a little hard on “Picture Show.” It’s really grown on me in the few weeks that it’s been out. This show really cemented Neon Trees as a band that should just be huge. They may be playing clubs now, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re in arenas or amphitheaters next summer. The songs are there. The stage presence is there. If they play, people will come.

So last night, fully taken by the experience of the show, I tweeted out more praises before bed, and woke up to this:

Screen Cap

I am a giddy school girl.

Pretty cool, huh? Being a fan never gets old.


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