The Night is Darkest Just Before the Dawn

James Holmes is a fucking lunatic and should be executed immediately. He doesn’t need a psych evaluation or a fair trial. When you open fire on an unsuspecting crowd in a packed movie theatre, killing twelve and injuring dozens more, your rights are irrelevant. You’ve just demonstrated insane behavior and we no longer need you in society. I don’t care what your issues are and I have no interest in reforming you or sending you to rot in an already over-populated prison. The massacre in Colorado was senseless, premeditated and the work of a selfish and sadistic asshole. Blame him, his parents, his friends, his school and everyone connected to this reject for not seeing the signs, not intervening sooner, not saying something and not giving him whatever was missing in his pathetic life.

A lot of people are in shock this morning as they learn about the news. It could have been anyone of us in that theatre. How could someone do this? Emotions of anger, confusion and sadness. It’s just not fair. Life isn’t fair. So just kill this bastard so that we can stop talking about him and we can let the grieving process continue for the families that lost loved ones.

The media is going to have a field day with this. They will over analyze the shooter, his choice of venue (and film), what he wore, the Columbine connection, etc. They will dig for anything to grab a headline. But I don’t care if he had a manifesto or listened to dark music and played Call of Duty all day. The cops have him in custody. They should beat a motive out of him, however lame or self-important or unsatisfying as it may be, then send him straight to the chair.

Events like this happen far too often in our country. We have yet to learn our lesson in how to respond to them. Demented actions like this should not be tolerated. It’s time to send a message and prove that while America certainly has it’s problems, we rally together and don’t stand for malicious, unprovoked violence.


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