Masked Intruder


Sometimes a gimmick works (See: The Aquabats) and sometimes a gimmick is just stupid and eventually hurts the band (See: The Aquabats). Schtick is often the sign of bands trying to hard or reaching for creative inspiration (See: Coldplay, My Chemical Romance, Twisted Sister). The Beatles were able to pull it off on Sgt. Peppers and Slipknot is the greatest nu-metal band to ever come out of Iowa. It takes a skilled and smart group of musicians to execute a vision without being corny, cheesy and grating.

Luckily, Masked Intruder is not a gimmick. The pop-punk band from Wisconsin is made up of hardened criminals, all guilty of stalking, burglary, armed robbery and writing killer songs. Their debut full length just dropped and it’s easily the catchiest batch of tunes released this year. The combination of straight-forward punk chords, sixties pop, and love-sick lyrics make Masked Intruder and incredibly fun and irresistible record. It’s first-degree assault on your ears.

Not much is known about these rock and roll fugitives. They wear masks to protect their identity from the police and keep a low profile when touring the country. And that’s OK. I don’t want to know anything about these shady suspects and I don’t care who they are as long as they keep rocking. They write awesome songs about their felonious lives that inspire sing-a-longs and romantic acts. Expect big things from this band in the future. They’re certainly now on the Most Wanted list.


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