Green Day – Cinco

Green Day just released Tre, their third and final record of their unprecedented four-month trilogy. I’ve held off writing anything about the albums because I wanted to reserve judgement until I heard the whole package. As a whole, the three sets are solid, with a very consistent and familiar sound. I admire Green Day for their prolific creative output and unorthodox distribution model, but don’t think this project warranted three separate albums. Each record has its highlights, but why release filler? The band obviously digs the material, or they wouldn’t put it out. But part of me thinks they loved the concept more than the songs.

So I trimmed the fat for them and created Cinco, the ultimate Green Day album/playlist comprised of the best tracks from the past year. (Quatro is the excellent documentary produced on the making of the records; Saw the early version on VH1).

This is the record Green Day should have released. Once.

You can’t listen to those fourteen tracks and tell me they don’t rock. I’d go so far as calling it the album of the year. But we can’t because the band doesn’t know how edit themselves and we’re left with odd tracks like “Troublemaker” and “Nightlife.”

Green Day has earned the right to do whatever they want. Who am I to question their decisions? I’m just a fan looking for the ultimate experience and I applaud their continued ambition at this stage in their career.


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