Top 5 Meals of 2012

I’ve been very fortunate to have eaten some great meals from across the country in 2012. Here are the best.

Scallops, corn chowder, clams, caviar from Joe Beef

5. ABV
Honorable Mention: Smorgasburg, Momfuku Milk Bar

I love ABV’s small menu and drink selection. Inventive, familiar and delicious.

4. Toro
Honorable Mention: Otto

I’m late to the party on Boston’s South End Tapas destination. I had my birthday dinner here and was floored. Aioli, paella, tortilla–Spanish excellence.

3. Fore Street
Honorable Mention: Duckfat, Novare Res

Portland, ME is a food lover’s dream. Fore Street is at the top of the mountain. The restaurant is the definition of fresh, local and amazing with its open kitchen and nightly menu changes.

2. Franklin BBQ
Honorable Mention: Easy Tiger, Frank

I waited for an hour and a half in line outside of Franklin’s in Austin, TX and I would have waited for another two hours if I needed to. Simply the best BBQ I’ve tasted.

1. Joe Beef
Honorable Mention: Au Pied de Cochon, La Banquise

Montreal is possibly the most underrated city in North America. I’d heard the hype around Joe Beef and it delivered on all levels. Get a reservation now.


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