I Believe in a Thing Called The Darkness

The Darkness are rock & roll. Guitars, bass, drums and vocals. All cranked to eleven. Whatever you may think you know about The Darkness is irrelevant. See them live. Witness the dual guitar attack from the Hawkins brothers. Hear the blistering vocals. Feel the tight rhythm section. They put on one of the most entertaining shows you’ll ever see.

Justin Hawkins

The Darkness came to Boston and conquered. For two solid hours the band tore through their catalog with blazing bravado and cheeky camp. Early on singer/guitarist announced that the band was “here on business” and it sure felt like it. The band was a machine, cranking out riffs, sing-a-longs and smiles from the entire crowd. Highlights included “One Way Ticket,” “Hazel Eyes” and “Concrete.” The show ended with a massive jam with “Love On the Rocks With No Ice” where Hawkins mounted the shoulders of a security guard and played a sick solo while walking throughout the crowd. [Pictured above]. He then climbed to the balcony and did a huge dive and crowd surf back to the stage. He was a golden god.

Irony is a confusing topic for Americans. There is nothing ironic about The Darkness. They are a hard rock band from England where sensibilities are a little different. I believe that many “fans” of The Darkness think the band is some joke and that all that falsetto singing and spandex is meant to get a rise. Their Boston show was sold out and had a good mix of fans that only new “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” and others that appreciate the band for their classic seventies and eighties rock vibe. Hopefully those who came to be simply entertained were, but they aren’t laughing anymore.

The Darkness are a fierce and seriously diesel band that can rock with the best of them.


Check out the set list on Spotify below. (Not listed: “Best of Me,” a b-side from their first record that was played around “Love Is Only A Feeling.”


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