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Utah Lake Remix

Fishing at Utah Lake, Provo, UT. August 2005. Photoshop remix 2012. Original photography by Jenn Carey Evans.

Utah Lake



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Album Covers

Album art is an essential piece of any musical release. The visual representation of what a listener is hearing can make just as big an impact as the music itself. Some say digital releases are killing the experience of album art. I disagree. Below you will find a collection of album art that I have put together over the years for various projects I’ve been involved in.

“Just Win Baby” – Parallel Bars (2012)

Just Win BabyRaiders tribute concept. Photoshop.





“The Sign” – Parallel Bars (2012)

The SignOriginal photography, band word mark.





“Sunday Morning” – Parallel Bars (2012)

Sunday MorningOriginal vintage photography, band word mark.






“Friend Zone” (Single) – Parallel Bars (2011)

Friend ZoneOriginal photography, font selection, band word mark.





“First to Leave” (Single) – Parallel Bars (2011)

First to LeaveOriginal photography, Photoshop editing, font selections, band work mark.





Grow Up and Get Over It – Parallel Bars (2011)

Grow UpOriginal Photography, font selection.





Fictional Songs About Imaginary Girls (Remastered) – Parallel Bars (2011)

FictionalOriginal photography, Photoshop editing.





“Lonely Hearts in the Snow” Remix – Proper Animals (2010/11)

Lonely HeartsOriginal concept, designed in Photoshop.





Fictional Songs About Imaginary Girls (Demos) – Parallel Bars (2010)

Fictional SongsOriginal photography, Photoshop editing.





For Those Who Still Care – Lunatic Dreyfus (2005)

FTWSCOriginal 35mm B&W photography, font selection.






E – Lunatic Dreyfus (2003)

EOriginal concept, designed in Photoshop.

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F**K Censorship

Created in protest of the proposed SOPA/PIPA legislation. Stand up for your beliefs.



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Andover Pro Shop

The Andover Pro Shop wanted a better way to display their merchandise and market themselves. With brand new photography and the use of SmugMug, the Andover Pro Shop now has organized their inventory into a presentation that allows for easy browsing and ordering.

Pro Shop

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Andover Arts

The old “Arts” landing page on was boring and unsuccessful at directing visitors to where they wanted to go. This new design is built with four separate images and embraces the creativity of each academic department. The new page is more vibrant and enticing to prospective students.


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Andover and the Military: Magazine Blog and Site

In honor of Veterans’ Day and the release of the Fall 2011 issue of Andover, the magazine, a WordPress blog was built to share the stories of alums who served the United States military. Content by Neil Evans via Magazine team, blog design/theme by Jonathan Kapaldo.


In a coordinated effort, the Andover and the Military alumni affinity group was also launched with a dedicated site and Facebook page.


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