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DVR saved my life. I don’t understand how I lived before it and can’t fathom a future without it. Television is the new film. The best writing, acting and production is happening on cable, not in movie theaters. In the past decade, Television series have gotten more complex, daring, funny and experimental. Thanks to networks like AMC, HBO, and FX, television has become exciting again and with thoughtful planning with my DVR, I never miss an episode.

Below is a list of shows and episodes that are certified diesel.


South Park
The most consistently funny show on television. Biting commentary that never takes itself too seriously.

Party Down
Ahead of it’s time. Starz didn’t know what it had and let poor ratings dictate the show’s fate.

Top Chef
Reality TV that doesn’t dumb it self down. Miles beyond The Food Network.

Law & Order: SVU
Lifetime achievement award. Benson & Stabler 4 life.

The Wire
Smart, raw, complex.

No Reservations
Simply the best food and travel show out there.

Mad Men
The best drama and writing on television.


“Palestinian Chicken” – Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season Eight
Great writing. Absurd plot. Classic comic acting.

“The Wheel” – Mad Men, Season One
The ultimate Don Draper pitch.

“Dennis and Dee’s Mom is Dead” – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season Three
The B-storyline centers around the guys trying to make new friends which always hits close to home.



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Blue Ginger – Wellesley, MA
Taberna de Haro – Brookline, MA
The Common Man – Windham, NH
Fore Street – Portland, ME
Duckfat – Portland, ME
Mad Greek – Baker, CA
In-n-Out Burger – Multiple Locations
Shake Shack – New York, NY
Earl’s Beer and Cheese – New York, NY
Markey’s – Seabrook, NH
Corner Grill – Worcester, MA
Wings Over – Multiple Locations
Au Pied de Cochon – Montreal, QB
Franklin BBQ – Austin, TX
Jones – Philadelphia, PA


Carnitas Torta – La Verdad, Boston, MA
Brendan’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza – Upper Crust Pizzeria, Boston, MA
Pork Fried Rice – Han’s Garden, Haverhill, MA


The Grill Next Door – Haverhill, MA
The Portsmouth Brewery – Portsmouth, NH
Easy Tiger – Austin, TX
The Public House – Brookline, MA
Sunset Grill – Boston, MA
ABV – New York, NY
Nodding Head Brewery – Philadelphia, PA


Pinata Smash – Mas Malo, Los Angeles, CA
White Russian
Pink Drank
Blanche de Chambly
Mexican Coke
Dos Equis Amber

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I once had the dream of making movies (and some romantic part of me still does). A great movie can transport you through a world of emotions, and always leaves you with that feeling. That something that sticks with you for a couple days after the credits role. That itch that makes you rethink everything you’ve ever seen before. That need to see the same thing over and over again to pick up all the references and dialogue and over analyze the plot and characters. If the formula is right, movies can still be magic.

Below are films that are certified diesel.


The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)
The genius of Peter Sellars. Top notch slapstick comedy.

Sixteen Candles (1984)
I’m a sucker for eighties teen comedies. John Hughes was the master.


Boogie Nights (1997)
Dirk Diggler is a star. PT Anderson’s ode to the porn industry is hilarious, poignant and masterfully shot.

Fight Club (1999)
The late Patrice O’Neal called Fight Club “the white man’s Scarface.” I am not my khakis.


Collateral (2004)
Tom Cruise as a contract killer. Yes please.

The Dark Knight (2008)
Heath Ledger transcends the comic book genre to deliver one of the best performances of modern film.

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Pet Sounds – The Beach Boys
“A teenage symphony to God.” I think Brian Wilson nailed this one.

Rooms by the Hour – Rustic Overtones
The best indie band in New England. Their break-out album remains a classic.

ELVA – Unwritten Law
This record has everything from punk to hard rock to pop to acoustic ballads. It is Unwritten Law at their best (as a five-piece with original line-up) with swag for days.

New Found Glory – New Found Glory
The record that became the soundtrack to my teen years.


“Jesus of Suburbia” – Green Day
Before American Idiot, Green Day were dead. Then they swung for the fences and hit a grand slam. This song is the crowning achievement in their punk-rock opera.

“Surf’s Up (Solo 1967)” – The Beach Boys
This solo take unearthed in the 2011 Beach Boys Smile box set could be Brian Wilson’s greatest performance.

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