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Bonecrusher Brews

Sweet Label! Who was the Consultant?

Sweet Label! Who was the Consultant?

Friend and fellow home-brewer Jeff Rask has accomplished quite a feet in a short amount of time. In a matter of a few months, Bonecrusher Brews evolved from a fledgling idea to a legitimate brewery, that is if you consider a kitchen a brewery. You see, brewing beer in your home is not a particularly hard endeavor, but it takes time, effort and passion for your product for it to actually be drinkable. Speaking from experience (Mavis Beefus, ahem), brewing beer is not just following the instructions that came with your kit.

Bonecrusher has produced four brews to date: Premier Pilsner, Brown Beauty (a nut brown), Glassribs Ale ( a Canadian Ale) and the Hefeweizen-Heimer (named by yours truly after winning a bet). Each beer is flavorful with distinct aromas and tastes. My favorite to date is the Glassribs with floral notes on the front end with a nice bitterness on the back. This could easily change though in the coming days when the Hefeweizen is ready to sample. While Bonecrusher is strictly underground at the moment and only available in a few select refrigerators across the Merrimack Valley, the future is only limited to five gallon batches. Crush one!


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