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Talkabout is the newly branded Phillips Academy admissions blog. Built on WordPress using a multi-author strategy, the blog features posts from Andover admissions officers on the admission process, student life and global travels. The panoramic header image was shot on an iPhone using Panoramic 360 and gives the perspective of a prospective student sitting in the Shuman Center. The color palette and use of currents students give a warm and inviting tone to the blog.



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Memorial Bell Tower

The Memorial Bell Tower site started with the idea of being able to hear the iconic monument on the Andover website. That simple thought turned into six live audio recordings, a time-lapsed video, archival photos and a ringtone for Android and iOS.

The site employs Vimeo and Soundcloud to create a visually attractive page that has clearly organized content. Video editing done in iMovie. Sound editing done in Logic 9 express.

Bell Tower

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Farewell to Fourteen

A video tribute to Barbara Landis Chase, Phillip Academy’s 14th Head of School who retired in 2012 after 18 years at Andover. Originally aired as an internal piece at an All-School Meeting, but was so well received that it gained a second life at reunion and alumni events. Produced and edited by Michael T. Ebner and Neil Evans. Music by Mayer Hawthorne.

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Launched on March 10, “Walkabout” is a unique experience designed for perspective students of Phillips Academy. The user-controlled interface is built off parallax technology and features a range of different types of content that work together to create an information resource that breaks new ground in the field of school-themed virtual tours.


Walkabout invites viewers to accompany five current Andover students as they stroll through 15 different campus scenes–classrooms, laboratories, athletic facilities, theaters, dorms, community service, and more. Through video vignettes, photo galleries and other pieces of content, the students share the real story of Andover–the academics, sports, dorms and bonds that last a lifetime.

The Walkabout experience was built by Genuine Interactive in conjunction with the the Phillips Academy Admission and Communication departments.

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Music at Andover

View a glimpse of Andover’s music program and the many opportunities it provides for students to explore their passions and enhance their skills.


Executive Producer: Victoria Harnish
Producer: Neil Evans
Filmed and Edited by Michael T. Ebner & Neil Evans

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Head of School Day 2012

Head of School Day is a winter tradition at Phillips Academy. For the past eighteen years, Head of School Barbara Chase has walked into the dining hall and raised a field hockey stick to surprise students and give them the next day of classes off. Chase is set to retire at the end of the 2012 academic year. So to send her out in style, the Andover team decided to plan an elaborate reveal for her final Head of School Day announcement.

The plan was to sneak Chase in the back door, kill the lights, crank some music and have her raise the hockey stick from an elevated position. To sell the surprise, a mock construction scene was staged and only a select few new about the event. The reveal hinged on precise timing and execution. The students may have suspected something, but they had no idea what was coming.

The announcement was a huge success and a great memory for both Chase and the students. Read more coverage from The Phillipian and watch the action below.

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Diesel Re-Launch

Welcome to the new… Continue reading

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