Rock Sack Radio

Rock Sack Radio is the official room of Chef Diesel. Come, hang out, pump some jams and rock sack. Check out the details below.

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  • We play and accept all musical styles EXCEPT country, classical, and any/all electronic shit, specifically dubstep. If you think a song rocks sack, and isn’t in one of those genres, give it a spin.
  • Fastest finger for DJ spots. If there’s an open spot, hop on up.
  • 5 song max AFK. Bop for your fellow DJs or else.
  • Don’t be a dick. Feel free to ‘Lame’ something, but explain your reasons like “Not feeling the drums” or “Singer is trying too hard.”
  • Try to follow the vibe of the room, but be flexible. A 5-song hip-hop run is cool, a 15-song hardcore run will scare listeners away.
  • Themes are here for some form of structure. They’re meant to guide the room, not police it.

Loose Themes

Alphabetical Songs. Start with “A” and go on down the line from left to right.

Regional. Play tunes by artists/bands from your area of town/state/country/wherever.

Self Promotion. Got a band? Know somebody in a band? Play the songs and gain new fans. Hopefully.

Not So Guilty Pleasures. All music can be loved. Don’t be ashamed.

PAR-TAY. Get in a good mood for the weekend with your favorite party jams.

Free for all. Whatever your heart desires.


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