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2010 in Review: Somewhat Diesel?

This year seemed pretty uneventful for me. Sure, things happened, fun was had, memories were made, but in the big picture 2010 will probably be just another year in a long line of boring passages of time. Rather than wax on about 2010, let’s break down the best and worst of the past 365 days. As always, please feel free to share your lists in the comments section.

Hardest I’ve Laughed All Year: Jackass 3D

Best Restaurant: Corner Grille in Worcester, MA. I dare you to find me a pizza with a thinner crust. Double dare you.

Best Meal: Thanksgiving. Home cooked, family around the table. Good times.

Best Dish: Poutin, Au Pied de Couchon Continue reading


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Albums of the Year

10. Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday
I’ve only heard bits a pieces of this album and it’s good enough to make my top ten. Her verse on Kayne’s “Monster” put her on the map, but “Roman’s Revenge” unleashes the beast. She’s animated, but not a caricature. Nicki has the potential to be bigger than Lil’ Kim, but I’m not sure she’s totally interested in becoming rap’s next Queen. Key Tracks: Roman’s Revenge, Right Thru Me, Your Love

9. Brian Wilson – Reimagines Gershwin
The best compliment I can give this excellent album is that you don’t need to know who George Gershwin is or like his work to enjoy the music. Key Tracks: Rhapsody in Blue, The Like In I Love You, I Got Rhythm

8. Girl Talk – All Day
Girl Talk returned with another superb release just a few weeks ago. The formula doesn’t change on All Day, we just get more great mashups. My favorites: Biggie over “Sunshine of My Love” and Lil Kim over a faster “I Want You Back.” My only problem: All Day seems darker, not as much of an all-out party as Feed the Animals. Still great moments, but they are fleeting. Key Tracks: This is the Remix, On and On Continue reading

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MTV VMAs: Diesel Moments

The 2010 MTV VMAs are tonight. What was once a celebration of the year’s best music videos has evolved into just another over hyped ego stroking ceremony for the hottest acts today. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to watch, but the “M” in MTV has completely lost its relevancy. Over the years, there have been several amazing performances and WTF moments. Here are my most diesel memories.

Fred Durst Joins Christina Aguilera
One of the coolest surprise guest appearances ever. Durst rocking out with Xtina was the perfect combination of bad boy vs. pop princess and spawned rumors that Durst did do it all for the nookie.

Continue reading

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2010 NFL Power Rankings

Resident NFL expert Mike Schaedler is back to drop his annual power rankings column. Strap in (or on).

The coming NFL season promises to be an exciting one, as always. The league is entering a new decade. Who are the most exciting new teams to watch? What former superpowers are starting to fade? What stars will carry your team into the 2010s? Did Al Davis actually draft Rolando McClain, a sound decision, or did somebody slip him roofies just before the draft and make the picks for him? All these questions and more are about to be answered.

(Disclaimer: Only some of these questions will be answered, and through pure speculation and nothing else.)

So without further ado, here are my 2010 NFL Preseason Power Rankings for Chef Diesel. They’re divided into groups of four based on overall Dieselness. The season hasn’t started yet, so take these with a grain of salt.

The “Absolute Worst”

32. St. Louis Rams: Ahhh the Rams. $50 million or whatever it was guaranteed for QB Sam Bradford. I’ve never really been sold on the guy. I don’t think he’ll be an absolute bust, but he’ll never, ever live up to that kind of money or his draft position. Not even close. Hey, they can still take the much better QB Jake Locker at #1 overall in next year’s draft and maybe pay him according to a rookie wage-scale. Unfortunately, they’ll stick with their choice and play through the consequences. Continue reading


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The Schaedler NFL Mock Draft 2.0

The NFL Draft is this Thursday starting at 8 p.m. Diesel Draft Expert Mike Schaedler is back for his Mock 2.o. Hopefully we’ll have some post-draft coverage involving Schaedler and many of his wrong picks.

Fuck Kiper and McShay.

Alright, three days from the draft and my Mock 1.0 from a few weeks ago, with the exception of the top 5 picks, looks like garbage, as expected. From #6 and on, it’s a crapshoot because this will probably be the most interesting and unpredictable draft in a long time. Let’s hope the 2.0 is a bit more accurate or Dan Stack is going to have me drinking more Jameson than I’d like to imagine.

1. St. Louis Rams – QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma: Still not fully sold on him as a #1 overall, but not every #1 can be Peyton Manning. Also, I probably put too much stock in arm strength. He seems like he has good intelligence and leadership abilities and decent accuracy. The Browns or another team may trade up to here to grab him. (Previous pick: Bradford)

2. Detroit Lions – DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska: Arguably the best player on the board with S Eric Berry of Tennessee. I was tempted to put OT Russell Okung from Oklahoma State here, but the Lions will draft Suh. (Previous pick: Suh)

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma: A beastly DT who will contribute immediately and fit nicely into the Bucs 4-3 defensive front. (Previous pick: McCoy)

4. Washington Redskins – OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State: The ‘Skins probably would like to make sure that new QB Donovan McNabb doesn’t take a beating every weak, and Okung helps that cause immediately. (Previous pick: Okung)

5. Kansas City Chiefs – OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa: A solid prospect who is NFL-ready, which is exactly what KC needs. They allowed 45 sacks last year. That’s a ton of sack! (Previous pick: Bulaga) Continue reading


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A Few Thoughts on Last Night’s Grammy Awards

I was so interested in last night’s Grammy Awards that I decided to DVR the show and watch the NFL Pro Bowl live instead. Like Stephen Colbert said at the opening, there’s nothing better than a bunch of celebrities getting together in a giant room to congratulate themselves. In recent years the Grammys telecast has become more a showcase for interesting collaborations than an awards show. This year was no different, but rather than be fresh and exciting, everything just seemed bloated and unnecessary. Does this show really need to be three and a half hours long when you really only give out seven awards?

In between seeing Aaron Rodgers NOT get sacked by Shaun Ellis and awkward interviews with Colts and Saints players, here are a few thoughts on what I saw at the Grammys.

Censors KILLED Eminem, Drake, Weezy and Travis Barker
I understand rappers can’t be swearing on television, but by no means was this “live” and the dude working on the dump button had insanely quick trigger. They should have known when the cusses were coming and been quick with it. No excuse for 3-5 seconds of silence in the middle of a song.

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