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Fantasy Wednesday…?

It’s Wednesday. People are still talking about Bill Belichick’s call to go for it on 4th and 2 from his own 25. It does not help that I live in New England.

I already had an impacted ass full analysis on Monday morning. Enough already. The Patriots are still going to win the division, the game wasn’t a playoff loss and Belichick has enough cache to make this call. So what? Yea, he probably should have punted but he didn’t. Oh well. Move on. Next game.

Now to be honest, I went to sleep when the Patriots led 31-14. I missed the play and awesome comeback by the Colts, but it was great waking up the next morning to find out the Patriots lost, even better when I heard how. But really, this story is so fucked out. I don’t care if the D thinks it was a slap in the face or if the odds were in their favor or if Kevin Faulk was juggling the ball as he fell. Unfortunately, I get the sense that this will be the story of the year in the NFL. Teddy Bruschi is getting more mileage out of this story than his stroke.

Over the past couple years, media over saturation has become a big problem for me. I watch sports to try to be entertained and relax, not to be berated with opinions of talking heads and ex-players with their own agendas. The Patriots lost on an odd play call, play Monday morning quarterback and move on.

The big fantasy story from the weekend though was obviously Maurice Jones-Drew taking a knee at the one yard line when he had a clear path to the endzone. It was a great move for his team to win the game, but as many of you have probably already heard, it killed thousands of owners out there, MJD included. I happened to being playing against MJD in two leagues, and while his selflessness was appreciated at the time, the play did not change any outcomes. And really, this wasn’t the first time this has happened. Brian Westbrook did this a few years back. The difference was that this time MJD acknowledged that he screwed his owners. Oh, and I went 0-3 on the weekend, losing by one point in one money league (with points on the bench) and lost my eighth straight in the other money league prompting a ‘fuck it’ trade–sending Marques Colston and Marion Barber away for Beanie Wells and Jeremy Maclin. Fun.


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