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Ten Years of Devolution: Facebook and “Celebrities”

Think about where you were ten years ago. A lot of shit has happened, some for the good, but mostly for the inconvenient. The iPod and HD TV and LeBron James are awesome, but terrorism, economic greed and TMZ suck. When I think about this decade the two things that stand out the most are the rise of Facebook and cult of celebrity. Unfortunately, the two have become linked in the psyche of today’s youth.

People have always been enamored with celebrities. There will always be a demand for gossip and a glimpse into a lifestyle that 99% of Americans will never experience. The problem in the last part of the decade was that the word “celebrity” got totally fucked. Anyone with a YouTube video or a spot on a reality TV show or a song on MySpace thought they were entitled to their 15 minutes of fame. And, the public and TMZ gladly obliged, creating disposable personalities for consumers to chew up and shit out. No longer are Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts the big fish in a small pond. We have created a culture of retards so obsessed with fame and its trappings that in their pursuit of selfish goals, they have in turn made this nation dumber. This is why the terrorists hate us. Continue reading


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