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Kanye West – Yeezus

Can well all just stop for a second and enjoy the music?

Everyone wants to over analyze and critique/praise Kanye. The quicker and faster, the better. But can we just digest the record for a minute?


I bought the record on Tuesday (no leak necessary). I listened to the album that morning on Spotify. More than anything, what struck me was excitement and wonder. Yeezus is truly unique and hence, will be emulated for years to come. Electronic synths, minimalist beats, uncompromising bravado—it’s a stew on Kanye could brew. For 2013, it’s perfect.

That doesn’t mean there are not flaws or that I’m a blind follower of Yeezus. It means that Kayne is in it and poppin’ a wheelie on a zeitgeist. Now hurry up with my damn croissants.



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"Paris" – The Throne

Worth the seizure. This video is long overdue, but it brings me right back to the live concert where Jay and ‘Ye did this record six times in a row for an encore. Ballin’ so hard, indeed.

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Songs of the Year

Here are my favorite songs of 2011. These are not the best or the most critically acclaimed tracks of 2011. My criteria is simple: does the song instantly make me want to dance/nod my head/smile, is the track musically and/or lyrically interesting, and how much staying power did the record have throughout the year. Now, according to my iTunes, “Airplanes” by B.o.B. and Hayley Williams was the most my most played track of the year (thanks to Mrs. Diesel), but it wouldn’t even crack my top 30. The ten songs below are a pretty accurate representation of my listening patterns throughout the year. There may be some surprises and even some questionable choices. I’d love to read your lists in the comments.

10. “Jet Lag” – Simple Plan ft. Natasha Bedingfield
Classic call and response duet. Simple Plan just know how to write a great pop song.

9. “Cockiness” / “You Da One” – Rihanna
Unlike Katy Perry, Rihanna owns and flaunts her sexuality. “Cockiness” is a hilariously raunchy romp. No, “I love it when you eat it” does not contain any swears, but it might be the most vulgar thing that makes it on the radio this year. “You Da One” is island swag. Grind away. Continue reading

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Watch The Throne: Crown The Kings

Be impressed by the fancy art.

It’s a little confused about what “Watch the Throne” means. Is it what Kanye West and Jay-Z think their doing on their new album–literally watching, or protecting the rap throne that they earned over the past three years? Or are they telling us, the audience to watch them, as they are the only two Kings on the current hip-hop throne. The first seems kind of silly considering that dance music is the new hip-hop, and the second is feels a little too literal since Watch The Throne is easily the most anticipated record of the year. Regardless of what they’re trying to say with the album/group name, there’s no question what the record is about: excess. From the cover art to the Google-ready high society rhyme references to the shear enormity of the production, everything screams ‘we are in our own league and you can’t touch us.’

Watch The Throne takes bling rap to a new level. Rather than just talking about cars and jewelry, the new swag is art galleries, couture fashion, and coked-out models that don’t speak English. Unfortunately, we don’t get much more from the dynamic duo. The deepest they go is on “New Day” where each ponders the future of their unborn sons. Now this doesn’t mean that the tracks don’t bang, and that they’re aren’t some great lyrical moments. But it’s a shame that Jay and ‘Ye focus so much of their efforts stating the obvious.**

Standout tracks include “That’s My Bitch,” “Otis” and opener “No Church in the Wild” where Mr. West slays it with “Sunglasses and Advil/Last night was mad real/Sun coming at 5 a.m./I wonder if they got cabs still/thinkin’ bout the girl in all leopard/who was rubbing the wood like Kiki Shepard/two tatoos, one red, no apologies/the other said love is cursed by monogamy.” Continue reading

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Albums of the Year

10. Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday
I’ve only heard bits a pieces of this album and it’s good enough to make my top ten. Her verse on Kayne’s “Monster” put her on the map, but “Roman’s Revenge” unleashes the beast. She’s animated, but not a caricature. Nicki has the potential to be bigger than Lil’ Kim, but I’m not sure she’s totally interested in becoming rap’s next Queen. Key Tracks: Roman’s Revenge, Right Thru Me, Your Love

9. Brian Wilson – Reimagines Gershwin
The best compliment I can give this excellent album is that you don’t need to know who George Gershwin is or like his work to enjoy the music. Key Tracks: Rhapsody in Blue, The Like In I Love You, I Got Rhythm

8. Girl Talk – All Day
Girl Talk returned with another superb release just a few weeks ago. The formula doesn’t change on All Day, we just get more great mashups. My favorites: Biggie over “Sunshine of My Love” and Lil Kim over a faster “I Want You Back.” My only problem: All Day seems darker, not as much of an all-out party as Feed the Animals. Still great moments, but they are fleeting. Key Tracks: This is the Remix, On and On Continue reading

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My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Kanye West

Uncensored Art.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Sounds like a bad short story written by a goth teenager. But no, it’s the title of Kanye West’s latest opus, and in his complex yet elementary mind, it all makes sense. Porn stars wearing nothing but Prada, sick beats and self reflection at an all night party in front of the gates of hell. You can hate, or believe the hype. Listen or tune Kanye out. Whatever you think of the person, the artist is on a whole other level. Continue reading

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Run Away with Mr. West

Got 35 minutes? Watch Kanye West’s “film” Runaway. I don’t really get it; something about a phoenix falling from the sky and blah blah. Kanye is easily the biggest blow hard out there right now, but that’s why I love him. This project is way over his head but he goes for it, despite his bad acting and the fact that no one is ever going to watch this more than once. The best part is that you get clips from almost every track on his upcoming album My Dark Twisted Fantasy. A half hour seems like a lot to devote but it goes by fast and a lot of the cinematography is quite striking. Mr. West is back [and Taylor Swift can suck it].

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