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Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City

Modern Vampires of the City is a fantastically enjoyable album. The songs are precise and meticulously crafted works of a band that is finally stepping out of the shadows of their influences. There is subtlety like on “Hanna Hunt” and bombast like on “Diane Young.” There is experimentation like on “Step” and familiarity like on “Don’t Lie.”

Vampire Weekend

Members of the band have said that this is the end of a trilogy. Their debut was fun and quirky; the follow-up worldly and ambitious. Modern Vampires feels like the best combination of both— a fully revised vision that is executed flawlessly. It is even more exciting thinking about where Vampire Weekend will go next.


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Albums of the Year

10. Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday
I’ve only heard bits a pieces of this album and it’s good enough to make my top ten. Her verse on Kayne’s “Monster” put her on the map, but “Roman’s Revenge” unleashes the beast. She’s animated, but not a caricature. Nicki has the potential to be bigger than Lil’ Kim, but I’m not sure she’s totally interested in becoming rap’s next Queen. Key Tracks: Roman’s Revenge, Right Thru Me, Your Love

9. Brian Wilson – Reimagines Gershwin
The best compliment I can give this excellent album is that you don’t need to know who George Gershwin is or like his work to enjoy the music. Key Tracks: Rhapsody in Blue, The Like In I Love You, I Got Rhythm

8. Girl Talk – All Day
Girl Talk returned with another superb release just a few weeks ago. The formula doesn’t change on All Day, we just get more great mashups. My favorites: Biggie over “Sunshine of My Love” and Lil Kim over a faster “I Want You Back.” My only problem: All Day seems darker, not as much of an all-out party as Feed the Animals. Still great moments, but they are fleeting. Key Tracks: This is the Remix, On and On Continue reading

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